Crypto Will Rocket! But A Rocket Launched By SpaceX, So Maybe Sideways.

Crypto Will Rocket

As any crypto investor will tell you, cryptocurrency is the future and will revolutionize economies, markets, and the world itself. Inconveniently, here in the present, a lot of crypto seems to still be falling to shit. Coinopsy, the website that tracks dead cryptocurrencies, has already identified 2,238 dead coins. And many more coins are not dead but not doing at all well and barely alive, which to be fair describes a lot of us here in 2021.Even the big-name coins took a bit of a nose dive lately, although certainly any stock and commodities market also has its ups and downs. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Crypto is a sinking ship. It’s unreasonable to automatically presume that crypto is a doomed cruise going nowhere. Although I guess technically, it is, or at least was. As the Guardian recently reported, there was briefly a cryptocurrency cruise ship named the Satoshi, created by crypto enthusiasts hoping to make a floating libertarian paradise. Of course, it ended up going the way of most libertarian paradises, and fell apart. Which is not to say libertarian ideas aren’t the future, just like crypto! But it sure looks like choppy waters in the present.