Introducing UniqueDEX Announces The World’s First Aggregated Crypto Trading Engine

UniqueDEX is resolving the primary issues of the DEX ecosystem through the aggregation of multiple crypto exchanges into one intuitive portal

UniqueDEX is the world’s first trading engine built on an aggregator and it further enables customers to build their own automated market makers (AMMs). This decentralized exchange (DEX) is distinguished by the fact that the liquidity aggregator engine analyzes prices across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges to fulfill customer orders.

This is hugely significant because liquidity is one of the main issues with the decentralized exchange, preventing global adoption. A lack of liquidity invariably results in an unbalanced environment that can tend towards market manipulation, volatility, price slippage, and lack of order fulfillment.

Built on Ethereum, UniqueDEX also eliminates another core issue (price arbitrage) through the aggregation of all Ethereum’s existing exchanges. This allows for more intelligent price charting and a severe reduction of arbitrage, as figures can vary across different platforms.

UniqueDEX claims to be the most advanced crypto liquidity aggregator ever developed, and resolves the major existing concerns with the DEX ecosystem. It allows for consistent price charting due to the integration of prices across the largest existing DEX platforms and further offers enhanced liquidity through this aggregation. As a DAO-based governance structure that is 100% non-custodial, it provides these solutions without compromising on the digital sovereignty of users.

The native token is the $UDEX and this is used for all transactions through the platform. It further allows for lending and staking rewards. The deflationary token serves as an open standard for decentralized applications (dApps) that integrate functionality into the UniqueDEX ecosystem. The proprietary staking mechanism is known as “Delegated Proof of Brokerage” which performs all functions via a decentralized brokerage powered by the $UDEX token.

UniqueDEX offers the most advanced solutions available in the blockchain industry to date. This includes an order book that is integratable and aggregated, the omnipresent order book of aggregated orders, and governance and stakeholder engagement. There is no other non-custodial DAO-governed exchange that provides similar functionality. There is also no other platform that allows users to create their own AMM in this manner.

The smart contract functionality upon which the platform has been built was audited by TechRate. Cold storage in combination with user-controlled wallets also enhances the security of funds. UniqueDEX offers the benefits of centralized exchanges with the speed, low-cost, and flexibility associated with decentralized exchanges. The protocol is open-source, meaning that developers and businesses can build powerful decentralized financial tools free of charge.

The UniqueDEX platform launched on May 10th, 2022. In terms of order fulfillment, there are no swap fees, trading fees are minimal, and order execution is fast. Combined with a simple user interface, this makes it an ideal platform for crypto and NFT trading.

The platform will be connected to an increasing number of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) as these marketplaces grow in popularity. Users will increasingly be able to benefit from risk-free, near-instant, low-cost execution of their orders.

It could set an entirely new standard in the rapidly growing field of Web3 trading by eliminating the foremost issues of liquidity, price arbitrage, and usability.

About UniqueDEX

UniqueDEX is an aggregator of multiple decentralized crypto marketplaces that provides the lowest possible price for Web3 assets. The first trading engine built on an aggregator, it allows users to build their own AMMs, offers a futures and derivatives exchange, and incentivizes via staking, yield farming, and lending. As a DAO governed structure and non-custodial solution, UniqueDEX offers an unparalleled order fulfillment experience. Orders are secure, fast, and low-cost.