Starbucks Is Shutting Down Its Odyssey NFT Rewards Program—Will It Return?

Image with black background, NFT text and icons on the left and a starbucks logo on the right.

Coffee giant Starbucks announced Friday that it is shutting down its Starbucks Odyssey beta platform, which provided NFT-based rewards minted on Ethereum scaling network Polygon.

Starbucks will close the Odyssey platform on March 31, with platform quests available until March 25. The Starbucks Odyssey Discord server will shut down sooner on March 18. There’s no clear indication of a planned return for Starbucks’ NFT foray.

“The Starbucks Odyssey Beta must come to an end to prepare for what comes next as we continue to evolve the program,” an official FAQ reads.

“While the Starbucks Odyssey Beta program is ending, we are excited for you to see what comes next and are grateful for your consistent engagement and feedback,” the FAQ also reads. “We are thankful to have had this opportunity to test into these different ways of driving community and loyalty at Starbucks and we look forward to bringing these learnings to a broader audience.”

Starbucks Odyssey launched in closed beta in late 2022, with the coffee giant serving as one of the largest examples of a major brand playing in the Web3 world. It’s one of several major brands that Polygon brought to its platform around that time.

Odyssey has remained in closed beta since launch, with Starbucks occasionally letting in more users and also holding sales for limited edition NFT stamps that could be traded. Free NFT stamps given away to users back in 2022 briefly had a moment of rising demand in early 2023, when some of the NFTs were being flipped for nearly $2,000 on secondary markets.

According to Starbucks, the branded Odyssey marketplace will “transition to the Nifty marketplace,” referring to Nifty Gateway, the brand’s technical partner on the initiative. And the Polygon-based NFT stamps can be moved outside of the platform, as well as used and traded elsewhere.