The Highlights of the 2022 Paris Blockchain Week Summit

The Highlights of the 2022

The city of Paris hosted a two-day Paris Blockchain Week Summit last week. The event saw the participation of industry leaders and more than 3,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts. There were also commentaries from CZ, Brad Garlinghouse and Paolo Ardoino regarding topics such as crypto regulation, the SEC lawsuit and digital asset adoption in Europe. If you missed the event, here are some of the main highlights of the event. While delivering the opening keynote speech on stage, Binance’s CEO CZ, announced that he will be investing 100 million euros in French startup firms within the Web3 space through a partnership with the incubator, Station F. CZ also shared how he feels about France being “uniquely positioned” to become the European cryptocurrency hub. The second highlight of the event is Tether’s Chief Technology Officer Ardoino, revealing cryptocurrency adoption plans for the pro-crypto city of Lugano. This follows Lugano’s announcement back in March that it would adopt Bitcoin and Tether as de facto legal tender in a partnership with Tether. Bybit’s Spot Business Development Director, Lawrence Tan, also added to the event’s highlight reel when he shared his assessment of decentralized finance’s security landscape. He stated that the majority of security breaches in the space can be attributed to four major vulnerabilities: administrator key compromises, coding flaws, flash loan attacks and rug pulls. Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse shared his optimism regarding Ripple’s ongoing case with the Securities and Exchange Commission at the event. The last highlight on the reel is’s Co-Founder, Nicolas Cary, taking the opportunity to reflect on the last decade in the cryptocurrency space. Cary discussed a number of topics including the vision for democratization that blockchain instills, as well as how blockchain will lead to a new internet that will empower people globally.