Ubisoft’s ‘Champions Tactics’ Ethereum NFTs Generate Millions After Free Mint

Ubisoft logo with NFTs text beside it.
Following a drop that minted out in under 20 minutes, Ubisoft’s Warlords NFTs for Champions Tactics are reselling for $600 or more.

Ubisoft’s upcoming battler game Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles sold out of its free Warlords NFTs within minutes—and has seen over $2 million in sales within a couple hours of its public mint, per CryptoSlam data.

After a limited presale for select fans, the pixelated profile picture-style Warlords minted out in less than 20 minutes during the collection’s free public mint that occurred at 4pm ET Monday.

The NFTs are now trading on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea for roughly $600 each, or about 0.27 ETH, at time of writing. Only 7% of the 9,999 NFTs are currently listed for sale—a stat that suggests most collectors plan to hang onto their Warlords so they can use them to unlock the game’s next free mint for its in-game characters.

While the Warlords NFTs were free to mint, buyers did have to pay Ethereum gas fees for their transactions, which can fluctuate wildly from tens to hundreds of dollars depending on network traffic. Champions Tactics will use the Oasys blockchain for its other crypto integrations, which promises a gas-free gaming experience.

Gamers who missed out on the Warlords mint and don’t want to drop $600 in Ethereum to play the game aren’t out of options, though. According to the game’s website, Ubisoft will offer a free Champions figure drop at a later date, with more details yet to be revealed.

Champions Tactics is expected to release sometime in 2024.